Welcome To DistressedVolatility.com

Welcome to Distressed Volatility, a financial blog written by @dvolatility. Why did I choose this name? Well, large-cap America is both "distressed" and "volatile" at the moment. GM is at a 52 year low and Bear Stearns was just bailed out by the Federal Reserve and sold in a distressed sale to JP Morgan for $2/share $10/share. So there you have it, Distressed Volatility. This name can also work in good times when volatility is distressed, but there are always distressed and volatile securities somewhere.

DistressedVolatility.com will cover technical analysis (equities, ETFs, indexes, currencies, and futures), financial news, market calls by analysts and hedge fund managers, financial statement and valuation analysis at times (price valuation ratios, historical trends and comparables), economic data trends, geopolitics, and political volatility that effects markets. Follow me on Twitter (@dvolatility) and Google+ (+Matt Dvolatility).