Skyworks Calls Active, ThinkEquity Ups To Buy.

Skyworks in iPhone 3g

This is a quick post. It looks like Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) had better than expected earnings. Skyworks is a semiconductor company that makes power amplifiers, front-end modules and direct conversion radios for leading-edge multimedia handsets. Plus read all of the articles below for more information. Look at all of the option volume from the option chain below. Look at the volume in March, May and August. Someones levering up here it seems and possibly making others reach out in size. 2,724 May 7.50 Calls traded today with 194 contracts open, 14.04x open interest. 1,589 August 7.50 Calls traded today with 151 contracts open, 10.52x open interest. There could be some complex option strategies going on here for all I know but it still looks like a bullish bias to me. Looking at the chart it looks like it could retrace a bit after this huge run.

SWKS Chart (Source:

SWKS March 5.00 Call (Source:

SWKS May 7.50 Call (Source:

SWKS AUG 7.50 Call (Source:

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