Lloyd Blankfein: Recovery Will Feel Just Like This

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, was at the 2009 IOSCO Conference in Tel Aviv and Bloomberg put up the Blankfein video clip. He said Fiscal and central bank moves significantly reduced or "priced-out" the worst-case scenario and this complacency translated into higher asset prices, and you can see this on the $VIX:S&P (Volatility Index) chart below.

Goldman’s Blankfein Says Market Gains Reflect Government Aid (Bloomberg)
UPDATE 1-IOSCO-Goldman CEO Blankfein sees long recession (Reuters)
IOSCO-Goldman Sachs CEO urges convergence of rules (Reuters)

Blankfein Remarks on Asset Prices (Bloomberg Video)
VIX:S&P (Yahoo Finance)

It is interesting that all of these TARP recipients are making moves in the market. Read posts about $SPY (S&P ETF) activity at zerohedge.blogspot.com where TD provides Bloomberg Terminal snapshots of block trades. TD also shows SPY Indication of Interest activity which has been getting heat from regulators. Very interesting to see WTF goes on behind the scenes! ZH posts are very informative and entertaining.

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