Clearwire 4G WiMax Not Everywhere Yet, Need Reliable 4G/3G Data Stick For Laptop For Best Price, Unlimited Data

Drifting away from the finance theme at the moment.  I need the most reliable 4G/3G data stick for my laptop for unlimited data and the best monthly price.  I want the internet for a long voyage around the US by train.  The problem is 3G data plans are capped at 5Gs so you can use Sprint's unlimited 4G + 3G roll over plan.  As of today Clear has an unlimited data/4G deal out for $30/month for the first 6 months, then switches to $45. They say: "Typical download speeds are 3-6 mbps with bursts over 10 Mbps".  Clear's 4G WiMax coverage area is limited to big cities at the moment.  Does 3G access even work well in rural areas?  There seems to be a tower shortage, long towers.  Most recent Google News search:

Benchmark Raises American Tower's (AMT) Price Target to $50 on Strong Tower Demand (StreetInsider)
Morgan Joseph Initiates Coverage on Three Co's in Tower Industry - CCI, SBAC & AMT (StreetInsider)
ABS-Backed Tower Co. Adds 37 More Towers (peHUB, 12/2)
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Hands-on with Rogers' 21Mbps HSPA+ 3G (Electronista)
"As such, we really hope that providers upgrading to HSPA+ and eventually 4G boost their caps dramatically. The technology is now there to handle the stress of frequent mobile data use, and service options for us subscribers need to reflect this."

Sprint has a 51% stake in Clearwire and they use their towers for 4G. Clearwire raised a hell'ov a lot of debt and equity recently, so perhaps next year will be a game changer.  It is trading at $5.95.  UBS upgraded it to $6 recently.
"Clearwire Chief Executive Officer Bill Morrow is working to expand the WiMax network, which will give carriers access to faster Web browsing on mobile phones and laptops, ahead of a rollout by rival Verizon Wireless. The shares and newly issued debt put Clearwire on target to cover as many as 120 million people by the end of next year, spokeswoman Susan Johnston said. (Bloomberg)"

Clear Commercial

High Powered Tech CEOs on 4G/WiMax via Clearwire

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Also I'm looking forward to this: 
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