RBA Raises Cash Rate By 25 Basis Points To 3.75%, AUD/USD Down Initially, Yield Differentials, AUDJPY, AUDUSD Live Charts (12/1/2009)

Charting Out Credit Default Swap Indices [US High Yield, Global, Europe Crossover, 11/27/2009]

Australian Dollar Future Pierced Uptrend On Dubai, Now Riding Support [ADZ9, Chart]

Why Didn't 'Med Grow Cannabis College' Buy The Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit Unemployment Rate 29.7%

Sunday News: UAE Dubai Debt Bailout, Chavez Threatens Banks, Iran, Ireland, PSQR, CMBS, Hotel Sector, US Treasury, Mortgage Servicers

Peter Schiff, James Bullard, Alan Blinder Debate At Princeton's Business Today Event [Tech Ticker from 11/22]

October Cass Freight Index: Monthly Shipments Down 4.6%, Annual Shipments Down 12.2% [Interactive Time Chart]

$18 Billion Worth Of Dubai Debt Coming Due In Next 18 Months (Video, Links)

$IRX, 3 Month T-Bill Yield Volatility, Investors Getting Short and Safe Or Banks Getting Liquid For Year End (Charts, Articles)

News Links [Dubai, Markets, GE, Japanese Prime Minister, White House, Bolton etc]

Someone Bought Extreme Upside Dec VIX Calls On Monday (VIX Futures Curve STEEP)

Dubai Mess Gutting Futures Overnight, DJZ9 -267pts, DXZ9 +0.38 (Videos, Charts)

Thanksgiving US Dollar Rally (Dollar Index, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/BRL)

AUD/USD, Dow Futures -1.8%, FTSE -3%, Dubai CDS Widening [11/26/09, Charts]

Treasury Yields, TLT, FOMC Minutes (Charts,Put/Call,COT,Shorts,Technicals,Links)

General Electric $GE January 2011 $22.50 Calls Active, 135,000 Opened On ISE So Far, JP Morgan Had Positive Comments (Charts)

Birinyi Says Market Structure Similar To 1982 (Chart), Don't Have To Have A Correction (Video)

Ashraf Laidi: Unwinding of Risk Appetite Trades, Dollar Stabilization Towards End Of Year A Possibility

Prechter: Dow's 50% Retracement, Largest Wave Structure We've Lived Through, Decline Coming in 2010 (Fast Money Video - 11/23/2009)

President Obama, Chinese President Hu Jintao Joint Statements (Video) 11/17/2009

Peter Schiff in 2006 and 2007 [Video]

Peter Schiff: Gold To Decouple From Stocks, Disagrees With Roubini On Gold Bubble ($SPX:$GOLD, Video 11/20/2009)

Adjusted Monetary Base At $2.01 Trillion From $857 Billion In 2007, Up 134% [FRED Database]

Financial News: Bills Yielding Zero, Gold Set To Hit 1,200, SocGen Preparing For The Worst

SPY, DIA Hitting 50% Retracement, Downtrend Resistance Level From 2007 (Live Charts, Technicals, Fibonacci)

Warren Buffett Interview With Charlie Rose 11/13/2009 (Video/Script)

Tim Geithner Testimony, Q&A Video/Script at Pittsburgh G-20 (11/17/09)

BDI Futures Curve in Backwardation (IMAREX Freight Futures, Options, OTC Forwards)

$DRYS Suspense Continues: Options Active, Implied Volatility 75/HV 63, Broke Below 50dma

$XHB, $XLF, $IWM Back Below 50DMA, Nikkei Testing 200DMA [Charts]

Pontiac Silverdome Sells For $583,000, 1% of $55 Million Cost to Build | Videos, History Of Silverdome

Paulson & Co. 3Q Letter, 13F Holdings [GLD, BAC, WYE, AU, SGP, C]

DryShips: 117 Mln Debt Waiver, 300M Convertible Notes ($DRYS Financials/Technical Charts 11/18)

Meredith Whitney Hasn't Been This Bearish In a Year, XLF (11/16, Video)

Snoop Dogg on CNBC, Midnight Love Video (1997) | DV Entertainment

Soros Invests $52 Million In Ford During 3rd Quarter (13F Filed 11/16/09), Mitch Albom CBS Interview On Detroit 11/10/09

T2's Tilson: Shifting Into Low Beta Stocks, Ramping Up Short Book (Homebuilders, $XHB)

Obama Holds Town Hall With Students In China (Video: Shanghai 11/16/2009)

Henry Blodget on News Corp's Threat to Remove Content From Google

Bernanke Speech at Economic Club of New York (Text, 11/16/2009)

JP Morgan's Thomas Lee: S&P 500 To Hit High 1100s By Year End, Sees Payroll Surprises

First Decade Of 21st Century Summed Up In 7 Minutes (Newsweek Video)

Roubini Is Back: The Worst Is Yet To Come, Damage Will Be Extensive

Bill Gross: High Yield Corporate Bonds Overvalued, Watch HYG JNK Rising Wedge + Credit Spreads (IEF, LQD, HYG) If Re-Pricing Of Risk Occurs

Barack Obama and Yuio Hatoyama's Speech In Tokyo 11/13/09 (Video, Script)

Bill Gates, Buffett On What Industry(s) Will Produce The Next Bill Gates (CNBC, Keeping America Great Transcript)

Doug Kass: Market Ignoring Short Term Warning Signs, Intermediate Challenges [Fast Money Video 11/12/09]

DRYS at Week Inflection Point, Symmetrical Triangle Squeeze (Chart, 11/13/2009)

Watch IWM, UUP and UUP:IWM 50 Day Moving Averages and Trend Lines

Get Ready For A Move In Dryships -DRYS (Charts, Call Options Active, Links)

Trader Who Saw Psychic Last Night Bought 3Com Calls Before HP Buyout

Tomson Riviera Unit Sells At Record Price, 0258 Testing $4 at 2007 Highs (Tomson Group 湯臣集团 Charts )

Check Out Lender Processing Services For Mortgage Data News Releases

IWM, XHB Technical Update (11/9/2009) Under 50dma + MACD Zero Line. Will SPY, QQQQ, DIA Provide Support?

Albert Edwards of SocGen Expects New Market Lows In 2010

Diamonds (DIA) Leading Major ETFs, Took Out All Resistance and Eyeing $105 (DIA, QQQQ, SPY, IWM Performance Comparison)

Option Activity On ISE: $PG, $TLT, Put/Call Ratios and Trades

Rupert Murdoch Might Remove Google Indexing [Via SkyNews] 11/2009

Why Aren't CDS Indices Streaming On CNBC? Make Credit Default Swaps Available To Retail Investors [ABX, CMBX, CDX, MCDX]

UUP Call Volume Explodes, Trading Halts and Nov Call Options Double

UUP Halted, 8-K Filing - Powershares DB US Dollar Index Trust

Robert Prechter: Significant Fall Coming, 2008 Just A Warm Up! (CNBC, 11/4)

Jim Iuorio: US Dollar Due For Big Spike, Trade Too Crowded (Fast Money)

FOMC Statement, Market Reaction, SPY Volatile at 50dma (TLT, UUP, GLD, SPY Charts)

FOMC Market Preview by Ashraf Laidi (CMC Markets) 11/4/2009

UUP: 237,858 November $23 Calls Trade Pre-FOMC Annoucement (US Dollar ETF)

Hecla Beat Estimates, Stock, Calls Rage War Against $5 Resistance ($HL)

Another Breakout In Gold, Will Silver Follow? (SLV, GLD Charts, Options, Volatility)

Unusual Option Activity, Volume, Volatility and Trading Ideas for 11/3/2009

Rick Santelli vs. Steve Liesman on the Weak Dollar (CNBC)

US Treasury Bulls Battling Moving Averages, Fed Done Buying Treasuries (TLT, USB, UST, TYX, UST30Y)

Bill Gross: Six-Month Rally in Risk Assets at Pinnacle -Investment Outlook November 2009 (Midnight Candles)

Oh $DIA-ear, Do Not Break 97.13! (DIA ETF Chart aka $INDU, Industrials)

S&P Dec E-mini Future Weak After Testing 50 Day Moving Average (ESZ9)

Performance Gap Between Baltic Dry Index, CRB, Transports, $SEA and Shanghai Index (October, 2009)

David Rosenberg: GDP Won't See 4% In 2010, Market Will Be Lower By Year End (Bets Terranova)

Pimco's El-Erian 2010 Outlook: Still Sees 2% 2010 Growth, Market Pricing In 4%