Geopolitical News Volatility: China, US, Taiwan Arms Deal, Internet, Europe, Iran, Venezuela (1/31/2010)

Geo-political and corporate related tensions are building, I noticed this when browsing my news feed and twitter stream.  Here are recent news links of interest not in any particular order but in late January 2010.  Squash the beef, we don't want any geopolitical-black swans.  If you see updated news provide a link below.

U.S. companies involved in Taiwan arms sales (Reuters)
China's strident tone raises concerns among Western governments, analysts (Washington Post)
Clinton warns China to stay the course on Iran nuclear sanctions (LA Times)
China suspends U.S. military visits after Taiwan arms deal (CNN)
China threatens sanctions over arms sale to Taiwan (LA Times)
Video: US reacts to Chinese hostility over arms deal ITN NEWS (Youtube)
China condemns the United States over an arms deal with Taiwan (Reuters Video, CCTV)
China, Iran Prompt U.S. Air-Sea Battle Plan in Strategy Review (BusinessWeek)
How should Europe respond to China's strident rise? (
UK's Mandelson: Ludicrous To Compare UK's Situation To Greece (WSJ)
Protesting Firefighters Clash With Police in Spain (SKY Video)
ECFA to endanger Taiwan democracy and human right: warned Chinese democracy activists (TaiwanNews)
Colombia protest over Venezuela 'airspace violation' (BBC News)
Protests continue in Venezuela following 2 deaths (CNN)
Chavez Says Protests May Require ‘Radical’ Response (BusinessWeek)
Canada concerned over free speech rights in Venezuela (AFP)
WTF? Hugo Chavez Mouthpiece Says U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon' (FOX)
U.S. surrounds Iran with missile defenses (
Fears that US missiles move may be exploited by Iran's hardliners (
*'Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11' (PressTV)
Iran Continues Focus on Outside Provocateurs, Now Blaming Germany (New York Times)
Iran accuses U.S. of seeking to use Internet against it (Washington Post/Reuters)
Iran Warns Against Protests During Islamic Republic Anniversary (BusinessWeek)
Israel "responsible" on Iran, Obama adviser says (Reuters)
Iran leader predicts destruction of Israel (AFP)
Critical Infrastructure under Siege from Cyber Attacks (PC World)
Critical infrastructure execs fear China, But they fear the US more (TheRegister)
China fires back at Hillary Clinton on internet restrictions (
China launches its own search engine 'Goojje' in midst of row with Google (Beforeitsnews)
Japan Protests To Russia After Boats Fired At (
Moscow police break up anti-Kremlin protest (
Report: Russia to sell Libya weapons in $1.8 billion deal (CNN)
Political Uncertainty Grips a Russian Republic (New York Times)
Bin Laden deplores climate change, Targets USD (Al Jazeera)
Bin Laden warns US of more attacks (Al Jazeera)
Israel: Hamas commander killed in Dubai was key arms smuggler (ChristianScienceMonitor)
*Palestinians get 1st private equity fund designed to boost economy (CanadianPress) -ETF available?
Leaders of Turkey and Israel Clash at Davos Panel (NewYorkTimes)
Israel-Turkey ties strain again over TV show (AFP)
Video:  Turkish PM storms off in Gaza row (BBC News)