New York Times To Charge Fee To Read Additional Articles in 2011 ($NYT)

The New York Times is pulling the trigger on a metered system in 2011 where they will charge a fee to read additional articles.  The Times to Charge for Frequent Access to Its Web Site (New York Times):

"Beginning in January 2011, unlimited access to will require a paper subscription or payment of a flat fee."

PBS Newshour had Bill Mitchell (Poyner Institute) and Bill Grueskin (Former Managing Editor at Wall Street Journal) on giving their views on this risk. I found the PBS Newshour video through Google search and it is quality news, imo. Subsidized!

As a news junkie and constant link pimp to financial articles found on Google News, even if they are summaries on WSJ, I will not link to something I can't read at least a paragraph on. I will just find a similar story somewhere else that offers it for free. If a story is THAT good and recommended on Twitter, I'd more likely pay a fee. But a trend is a trend.... Go to Business Insider to see how freemium news is destroying the pay and advertising models for online publishers.

Keep an eye on $NYT and options.

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