Check Out The BigDog and PETMAN Robots by Boston Dynamics (Videos)

Before I get back to regular programming, I saw this link from @moorehn pointing to which had a video of BigDog, a military robot built by Boston Dynamics. They explain it in detail here.  I dug a little deeper and found a PETMAN robot walking on a treadmill.  You can push these robots over and they regain balance.  It is insane.  Also GM and NASA just unleashed humanoid robots (Robonauts) that work on ergonomic tasks on an assembly line.  We already have have robots controlling the Federal Reserve vaults, conducting symphony orchestras, controlling the stock market and robot substitute teachers, chefs and receptionists.  Soon we will have Johnny Cabs too.  Is this the end of human work?

BigDog Robot (Boston Dynamics)

PETMAN prototype (Boston Dynamics)

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