Gary Shilling: Dollar To Hit Parity With Euro, Risk of New Market Low (Videos)

Gary Shilling (A.G Shilling & Co.) was back on Tech Ticker and said he's still bullish on the US Dollar and bearish on the market. Given the fiscal mess in Europe, Shilling is short the Euro and forecasts it could hit parity (1-to-1) with the US Dollar.

In the second video he said there's a 40-50% chance the stock market could hit a new low. He said he'd be long 30-Year Treasury bonds at 4.5% (could hit 3%) and short copper (industrial commodities). Shilling is going against the grain (along side Hugh Hendry, Robert Prechter) betting on deflation.

Here are older tech ticker videos with Gary Shilling from summer 2009. He's still bearish!  Gary Shilling Still Bearish, Expects Deflationary Pressures (July 19, 2009). He was right about the housing bust and recession before it happened. Let the battle begin: Marc Faber/Nassim Taleb/GregorMacdonald/Jim Rogers vs. Hugh Hendry/Robert Prechter/Gary Shilling (who else). Place your bets.