Greece Will Not Default (Stiglitz), EU Bailout? Germany Loan Guarantees? EUR/USD at 1.378

Joe Stiglitz (economist), on Bloomberg, said there's no default risk for Greece.  Sovereign debt interest rate risk is another story.  Stiglitz Sees No Greek Default as ‘Speculative Attacks’ Persist (Bloomberg).  He thinks their plan will work.  Greece’s Papaconstantinou Unveils Tax Overhaul to Boost Revenue (BusinessWeek).  So will provide aid to Greece.  From Bloomberg:
"The European Union dropped hints that a summit this week will offer an aid package to financially- stricken Greece as officials seek to prevent its budgetary woes from eroding confidence in the euro.

“We are talking about support in the broad sense,” Olli Rehn, the EU’s new economic affairs commissioner, said in an interview in Strasbourg, France today. Michael Meister, financial affairs spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said in an interview in Berlin that aid would come “under strict conditions and if the Greek government undertakes far-reaching state reforms.” (Full article at Bloomberg)

Also this was a headline on WSJ just now.
"Germany is considering loan guarantees for Greece and other troubled euro partners, but a final decision may not come this week."

Below is the video of Joseph Stiglitz talking about Greece on Bloomberg.  EUR/USD is trading at 1.3780 and I provided more news links.

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