Is Bloom Box An Energy Revolution? (60 Minutes Video)

People are buzzing on Twitter about the Bloom Box so I thought I'd find the 60 Minutes video from last night (2/21). Supposedly a box you can put in your basement can generate enough power to nix the need for power lines/the grid. It's a plug-in power plant. It's like going wireless on a phone or computer. They said one disc powers one light bulb and 64 discs (fuel cells) in a box can power a Starbucks! "In 5-10 years we'd like to be in every home", the founder and CEO K.R. Sridhar said. He said it would be around $3,000. Here is the full article with all the videos at 60 Minutes (CBSNews).  It looks very cool.  Also, what about solar panels?  Check out Nanosolar's panel assembly factory (video). It looks to me like we're in an energy revolution, it just hasn't gone parabolic yet.

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