Update: Unemployment vs. Insured, MZM/M2 Velocity, Treasury Securities Held at Commercial Banks (H/T Full Carry, AC)

February 2010 update.  I've been noticing información económica muy, muy interesante on my Macrotwits (twitter) stream from @fullcarry and @aricostello lately. Check these charts out. They seem to be leaning towards recovery/inflation no? These are 3 data points out of a gazillion but should be noted imo.

  1) Treasury securities held at Commercial Banks, 2) Velocity of money turning corner? and 3) Insured unemployment rate vs. unemployment rate.

US Government Securities at Commercial Banks (St. Louis Fed/FullCarry)

Money Velocity, Nominal BDP/MZM, Nominal GDP/M2 (Ratio Scale (St. Louis Fed/AC)

Insured Unemployment Rate vs. Civilian Unemployment Rate (St. Louis Fed/FullCarry)