Updates: AIG Keeps Derivatives, Ackman Grand Slam, Toyota Corolla Steering, State Pension Shortfall, Israel/Britain, Google Buzz Lawsuit, Fake French Wine, Goldman Sues Fleeing Brokers, Greece, Law Firms, IMF Gold Sale, Botnets

Up late wandering around the robonaut inter-botnets and found some interesting articles.

CNET:  Zeus Trojan found on 74,000 PCs in global botnet
CNET:  Google gets Buzzed with a class action lawsuit
BusinessWeek:  Toyota May Recall Corolla After U.S. Investigation (Update2)
NewYorkTimes:  French Court Finds Fraud in Wine Sent to U.S.
Telegraph:  British threat to Israel over Dubai Hamas assassination
FinancialTimes:  AIG drops derivatives portfolio sale plan
Reuters:  U.S. state pension funds have $1 trillion shortfall: Pew
Reuters:  Greece says not seeking EU taxpayers' money
Reuters:  Goldman sues seven former executives for C.Suisse move
Bloomberg:  Ackman May Make $170 Million on ‘Grand Slam’ General Growth Bet
Bloomberg:  Making Partner Less Likely as Big Law Firms Face Cash Crunch
MarketWatch:  Dollar gains on euro after IMF announces gold sale