RBS Bob Janjuah Sees 3rd and Final Leg of Bear Market (February, 2010)

A Bob Janjuah RBS report was released yesterday morning. You can find the full text at Zero Hedge. He is riding wave C!
"I now think we have begun the 3rd and final leg of the multi-yr bear mrkt which began in 2007 and which SHOULD, hopefully, finish late this yr, but which COULD (hopefully not) drag on deep into 2011. This new bear leg SHOULD see S&P trade sub-1000 this mth. After which we can bounce a little (back up to 1080/1100) over late Q1/early Q2. However, this I think will then be followed by a move down at least into the low 800s in Q2/H2 10, and depending on how policymakers behave, potentially down towards/to New Lows." (read full text)