Read: UBS Pound Foreast 1.48, Soros on China, Rosenberg on FHA, GGP/Brookfield, SEC Curbs Short Selling, Fed Keeping Rates Low, Zero Hedge vs. RBS, $SPY Quant Algo, Aiko Toyoda Statement Video

Articles for 2/24/2010, read up... 

SEC Curbs Short Selling, Disappointing Goldman Sachs (Bloomberg, Video)
Bernanke pledge of low rates lifts Wall Street (Reuters)
UBS Cuts Three-Month Pound-Dollar Forecast to $1.48 From $1.59 (BusinessWeek)
Surface Tension: George Soros on China (, 财新网)
Real Market Control for Bubbly Real Estate (, 财新网)
David Rosenberg: Get Ready For FHA To Go Completely Bust, Housing Market To Take Hit (BusinessInsider)
Greek strike halts transport, people back reform (Reuters)
Record Direct Bidder Share And Near Record Direct Take Down Masks Indirect Shrinkage (Zero Hedge)
General Growth shuns Simon, picks Canadian buyer (Indystar)
New class action lawsuit targets Yelp (CNET)
Is the SPY getting a "Jump" at key levels from a quant algo?  ( interesting
Latvia Sells 2-Year T-Bills for First Time Since 2007 (Bloomberg)
Junk Bonds May Post Double-Digit Returns in 2010: Pimco (Reuters/CNBC) wow
Bear Market Armageddon: Why Prechter Might Be Right This Time (TechTicker Video)
Greenspan: U.S. recovery "extremely unbalanced" (Reuters)
The 2014 HY Maturity Cliff: Bank of America's Take (ZeroHedge)

Auto News..
FBI raids Toyota suppliers in Michigan (DetroitFreePress)
GM to Wind Down Hummer After Sale to Tengzhong Fails (Bloomberg)
Toyota dealers rally in defense of brand (CNN)
After Toyota Recall, Best Deals Ever for Hybrids (HybridCars)

"Toyota President Aiko Toyoda gives his opening statement before the House Commerce Oversight Committee hearing 2/24/10" (CSPAN).

Today's fight: RBS vs. Zero Hedge
Greeks Scramble To Pull Out €8 Billion From Local Banks As Greece Responds With Money Control Measures (ZeroHedge)
A Grεεk bank run smackdown (RBS to ZH via FTAlphaville)
Reply:  Some Afternoon Amusement Courtesy Of RBS: There Is No Spoon - Or Bank Run (ZeroHedge)