Updates: China Army Urges Treasury Dump, ADEDY Strike In Greece, Taiwan Drops Submarine Request, Iran Anniversary and Something Out of Moscow

Geopolitics never sleeps..

Greek unions vow to fight austerity cuts (AFP VIDEO)
Greek unions launch 1st assault on austerity plan (AP)
Greek public sector workers strike as spectre of bailout looms (GUARDIAN)
Greek Strikes Defy Papandreou’s Bid to Stop Crisis (BLOOMBERG)
*Taiwan drops request for U.S. military subs: source (REUTERS)
China PLA officers urge economic punch against U.S. (REUTERS)
Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Khamenei (AFP)
Italy Says Iranian Militia Attacked Its Embassy (REUTERS/NYT)
Moscow says U.S. missile shield aimed at Russia (REUTERS)
Chinese Reserve Managers Notified That Any Non-USG Guaranteed Securities Must Be Divested (ZERO HEDGE)
Revolution day will put Iran's disunity on show (REUTERS)

*GSEE union plans to strike on 2/24/2010.