China Premier Wen Warns Of Double Dip Recession Risk (NPC Videos)

DV China: 仿旧波动

China Premier Wen Jiabao at the National People's Congress press conference warned of double dip recession risk and stood firm on the RMBs (yuan) value. Wen said high unemployment rates in major economies, sovereign debt crises, risks in the financial sector, public finance, prices of bulk commodities, unstable currency exchange rates and inflation threats could bring setbacks to the global recovery or a double dip recession (used translation from CNN video below). I embedded a translated CNN video where he talks about the Chinese economy and gave a link to the full translated CCTV press conference.

Chinese Premier Jiabao Wen at NPC Press Conference

CCTV Full Video or clips w/ translation:
Full video: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao meets press (link)
Premier Wen foresees bumpy road ahead for China's development (link)
Premier Wen says China must be "very cautious, flexible" in stimulus exit (link)
Wen criticizes U.S. protectionism (link)
Premier Wen says he is staunch supporter of free trade (link)

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