Greece, Discount Rate Could Bring EUR/USD 1.349 Retest, Couldn't Take Out 50DMA [Chart]

Articles today on the Euro.
Greece Concerns Hit Euro - WSJ: "NEW YORK—Speculation that Greece will seek aid from the International Monetary Fund pressured the euro Thursday morning in New York." [link].

Greece Requests EU Support Package - WSJ "BRUSSELS—Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Thursday requested that European Union leaders at their summit next week agree to a package of standby loans to...." [link]

*Or Fed discount rate hike speculation [BusinessInsider]

The Euro/USD is down 0.89% right now. I've been watching the 50DMA on both EUR/USD and USDX (US Dollar Index).  EUR/USD couldn't take out the 50DMA so a 1.349 retest could be in the cards.  It's also riding a downtrend from December, 2009 and the ultimate trend decision is imminent at the vertex angle.  Stay tuned.

EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar) -