Is going dark in China soon? Will Sohu take over? (GOOG, SOHU)

Wtf?!  It's still up though as you can see.  This is kind of a big deal.  It's still speculation but they did say at there was a 99.9% chance they were shutting it down.   在过去的乐趣?It all originated from that gmail hack from China in early January, see post.  Closing down would disrupt a bunch of advertisers and close off a lot content, and not be cool at all!

"Shares of Baidu, Google's chief rival in China, rose sharply on Monday following reports that Google is almost certain to close its search operations in China, while Google's shares declined." -
"Google-China Row Thickens over Complaint Letter: Most Alleged Signatories Say They Didn't Sign the Complaint Letter About Possible Google Pullout..." - ABCNews
"Though Google is denying anything about its processes have changed, reported Tuesday that searches on subjects that had been blocked as objectionable are yielding results. For example" - ITBusinessEdge
"Who wins when Google leaves China? Microsoft and Baidu might not like the answer" (Sohu and Tencent) -
"A group of Google's advertising partners in China has sent a letter to the Web giant, saying it has waited in "profound pain" for word on the company's plans" -CNET
"Google's China ad partners wait in 'incomparable pain'"-
"Google Partners Call For Clarity on China Plans" - Reuters
"Google China Exit Could Boost Tencent, Not Just Baidu" - Barrons Tech Trader Daily

I'm watching GOOG and SOHU charts, I will update if anything should happen. Here is a 1-month performance comparison of SOHU and GOOG from