Mish, Marc Faber Believe Japan Is Undervalued, But Preparing For Doom

On Tech Ticker recently, Marc Faber (Gloom Boom Doom Report) and Mish (Global Economic Analysis) both thought Japan was undervalued. If you look at the 20 year Nikkei chart it's been in a deflationary spiral since 1989. Japan might be an interesting play as the Nikkei 225 is down about 73% from the 1990 peak (39,000 to 10,700). Hopefully the US doesn't follow that route. Yahoo Finance chart link. Broke US municipalities should buy up robot receptionists and substitute teachers out of Tokyo [video link] and the Bloom Box energy revolution would hire the lost jobs.

Nikkei 225 20 Year Chart -73% (Courtesy of Yahoo Finance)

Mish thinks there's a 50% chance the S&P could hit a new low below 666. Marc Faber disagrees, he thinks a harsh correction would bring on more money printing by the Fed to provide a backstop.

In the second video they both believe people should prepare for a US debt disaster. Marc Faber thinks the collapse of civilization has already begun because he got carded for a beer at the airport, lol. Marc said you should accumulate gold, build up assets outside the United States, own properties outside of major cities and he's plotting out Mish's house for a hideout.

Source: Tech Ticker