Reads: Regulators vs. Forex Leverage, SAC Golf Outing, Detroit Strategic Defaults, Cali Job Losses, Panasonic and Best Buy 3D TV Discounts

Link pimping for 3/7/2010, my twitter stream is on fire.

Metro Detroit:  Owners walk from homes, values erode - DetroitFreePress
California job losses grow - ContraCostaTimes (h/t @GregorMacdonald)
Regulators about to limit forex leverage?  - Business Insider
BlackRock's Doll says China not a bubble - Bloomberg (h/t @Asiablues)
SAC had golf outing at Bear Lakes Country Club - Bloomberg
Zero Hedge gets email from Greek Embassy to attend US briefing - Zerohedge
In 3D TV push, Panasonic and Best Buy give 50% discount - WSJ (h/t @bored2tears)
Buy Russian stocks on ‘symbiotic’ ties with China (HSBC) - Bloomberg
China "nullifying" guarantees on local Governments - Bloomberg (h/t @bored2tears)
3.1M Cablevision/ABC feud could leave 3.1 Million without Oscar broadcast - AP
RBS branch sale may be hit by funding gap: report - Reuters
Goldman conviction buy/sell list - Zerohedge
China’s Bank Chief Says Currency Is Unlikely to Rise - NYT
Zhou Xiaochuan:  Days of "special yuan" policy numbered (Dollar peg) - Telegraph