Swiss Franc ($USD/CHF) Filled Gap Down On Sunday, $FXF In Clear Downtrend Since November, Watch USD/CHF Symmetrical Triangle

The US Dollar quickly filled a gap down on the Swiss Franc moments ago. It hit a low of 1.058 and then charged higher to 1.068 where it stands now. The long term view of $USDCHF shows a symmetrical triangle with an inflection point approaching. $FXF (the Swiss Franc ETF) has been in a downtrend since late 2009. It needs to break above that level to commence a new uptrend (imo).

USD/CHF (Dollar/Swiss Franc) - Courtesy of

USD/CHF - Zoomed In

$FXF - Swiss Franc Trust ETF, downtrend from November

And BNP Paribas on 3/26 via Bloomberg said sell Euro/Swiss Franc (EUR/CHF) on strength.
"March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Investors should sell the euro versus the franc during rallies as the Swiss National Bank stops selling its currency and moves toward raising interest rates, according to BNP Paribas SA. (Bloomberg)"