Bob Janjuah Sees $2,000 Gold, $100 Oil (Chief Credit Strategist at RBS)

Bob Janjuah, the Chief Credit Strategist at RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) put out an interesting note giving his views on the Greek credit crisis, US/UK/Euro-zone/Japanese debt and currencies, the ultimate bubble forming in Government debt/fiat currencies and how he likes gold, oil, and prime property.  Here are quotes from the note, read it in full at Zero Hedge.
"10 - What I really want to own in a world of reckless policy, debasement, more debt, inflation etc, are PHYSICAL ASSETS like Gold, Oil and PRIME PROPERTY. I can see GOLD @$2k/oz in the next yr or so, Oil north of $100, and when I say Prime, I really mean SUPER PRIME - location and quality are key."

In the end he thinks we're screwed if we don't change policies.
"We seem to be stuck in an era where policymakers only understand more debt, more deficits, & more debasement. This IS gonna come back and savage (forget 'bite') us real hard unless our policymakers turn abruptly towards Voluntary Austerity/Deflation. As I've said before, we do NOT have the luxury of time here - it is simply not feasible to continue on the current policy paths for much more than a few qtrs. We do NOT HAVE years. And the longer we wait, the worse the unwind will be."

In the short term he thinks a breakout in the 10-year yield could knock 10% off global markets.