Goldman Executives, "Fabulous-Fab" Emails (Released By Senate)

Find the 100 page document at New York Times featuring e-mail exchanges among Goldman executives, CDO banker Fabrice Tourre and Exhibits 101-104 released by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (link). Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Fabrice Tourre, the former VP who constructed the $2 Billion ABACUS CDO in early 2007, which was recently part of Goldman's fraud charge, will appear before Congress on Tuesday (  I'll embed that video after the hearing.  For recent information on the Goldman case click the labels at the bottom.  Where the hell was the Fed during all of this?  Seems like this Fab dude was just doing his job for the squid.  Read this interesting article from on 1/20/2010:  Credit Derivatives, Hedge Funds and Leverage Ratios of 50: The Credit House of Cards (h/t Business Insider).