Goldman Implied Volatility Up 49% to 51.66, ISEE Ratio Up 139% to 223

$GS Implied Volatility,
ISEE value snapshot at 
Continued from my previous post, here is info on GS implied volatility and ISE put/call data today. GS implied volatility (wikipedia) spiked 49% to 51.03 which is a new 52 week high. What's interesting is the ISEE ratio (customers on the ISE opening calls vs. puts) had big volume on the call side, 31,000 calls vs. 13,900 puts which netted an ISEE ratio of 223 (up 130 or 139%) (calls/puts*100). 721,000 options traded way above average (121,000). Just like a severe weather alert, implied volatilty using option premiums change. It will be interesting to see what catalyst peaks out GS volatility.