Greek Stock Index Below 50-Day Moving Average, CDS at 450bp

The Dow Jones Greece Stock Index and Greece (Athens) General Share index both broke below their 50DMAs.  The next stop could be the lows from February as support.  Charts courtesy of  See below for updates on Greek debt and CDS.

$ATG (Greece General Share)

$GRDOW (DJ Greece Stock Index)


"Greece CDS now at 450bp, wider than the record levels reached in February. Market moving very fast" -Markit on Twitter

"The extra yield, or spread, between Greek 10-year securities and bunds widened to 425 basis points as of 8:53 a.m. in London, the third day it has reached the most since the euro’s 1999 debut." - Bloomberg

German Bunds Rise as Greece Budget Concern Spurs Risk Aversion - BusinessWeek

The Greece debt crisis is far from over - BBC News