Fiscal Condition of Detroit (CRC), Paulson & Co. March Results, LA Bond Rating Cut, Thoughts On Maiden Lane III, Yahoo and Foursquare?

Interesting articles mostly from my Twitter feed (April 6 and 7, 2010).

Moody's cuts L.A.'s bond rating, warns of further downgrades - LA Times
Fiscal Condition of Detroit by Citizens Research Council of Michigan PDF (ht @pkedrosky)
Report: Detroit bankruptcy looms without drastic change - Detroit News
Paulson & Co. has a good March - MarketWatch (ht @morgan03)
S&P 500 and all ten sectors overbought - Bespoke Financial Group (ht DailyCrux)
Food Stamp Usage Hits Record 39 Million, 14th Monthly Increase - Mish (ht @mika2k1)
Peak Oil Theorist Now Thinks We're At Peak Demand, Oil Won't Break $100 - Business Insider
Unvarnished: New Social Network Could Ruin Your Reputation - PC World
Calacanis: Here's My 48-Point iPad Review - Business Insider
Thoughts on Maiden Lane III - Aleph Blog
U.S. Regional Mall Vacancies Climb to Decade High, Reis Says - Business Week
China Central Bank Said to Resume 3-Year Bill Sales - Bloomberg
Euro's reserve standing may be hit by Greek crisis - Reuters
Hyatt, Starwood eye Indian hotel market - Reuters
Yahoo Considers Buying Foursquare For ~$100 Million - Business Insider, VentureBeat
Macarthur rejects Peabody's $3.3 billion offer - Reuters
Thousands May Lose Rental Vouchers - NY Times (ht @future_shock)
Business software maker CA to cut 1,000 jobs, consolidate offices in restructuring effort - AP