Peak Oil Alert, Soros On Pound Devaluation, Chanos on Charlie Rose, China Iron Ore Imports Rise With Rare Trade Deficit, Greece Needs 80 Billion Euros Over 3 Years, Magazine Ads Decline, Shiller On Housing Recovery...

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Update:  Greek official: 80 bln euros "logical" aid amount for next 3 yrs - Reuters
Eurozone nations offer Greece euro30 billion in loans - AP
*Full Text Of EMU Statement - Zero Hedge
Greece Hints It Might Need Aid If Markets Remain Skeptical - Reuters/CNBC
Soros Says Pound Devaluation Is Option for Next U.K. Government - Bloomberg
April 9 Soros Interview on Greece, haven't yet corrected imbalances from 2008 - Bloomberg
Magazine Advertising Pages Declined 9.4% in Quarter - NY Times
China’s March Iron Ore Imports Rise on Steel Demand - BusinessWeek
Yuan rise still on cards despite rare trade deficit - Reuters
UK stops 'vulture funds' picking on poor - BBC News
Poland ETF (PLND) In Focus After President’s Death - ETFdb
Short-Seller Jim Chanos: Red Flag Over China (on Charlie Rose) - BusinessWeek
More Banker Outrage: Protesters Plan Marches on Wall Street Banks - ABC
Ex-Lehman Officials, Auditor Sued Over Repo 105 Transactions - BusinessWeek
China Sees First Trade Deficit in Years - New York Times
China records rare $7.2bn trade deficit, questioning exchange rate- Financial Times (sub)
Florida 90-Day Delinquency Rate Hits 19.39 Percent, US Rate is 8.78 Percent - Mish
US military: Oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015 - Guardian (@edwardnh)
Shiller: "Don’t Bet the Farm on the Housing Recovery" 3/9/2010 - New York Times
Do rising oil prices threaten the economic recovery? - Econbrowser
San Francisco Office Vacancy Rate at 17.7% up from 14.7% - SFGate
Spring on the Tracks -
Hong Kong foreign reserves rise to US$258.8B -
Kyrgyz interim leader asks for Moscow aid -
Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation - New York Post