Prechter: Between Now and May is 3rd Best Selling Opportunity Since 2000

Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International thinks between now and May is the 3rd best selling opportunity to sell stocks over the past 10 years.  First in 2000, second in late 2007 and third "between now and a few weeks from now".  What do you think, will there be a third wave down from the 2007 peak (Wave C)?  Prechter thinks we're in for another deflationary episode, even after the trillion in stimulus.
"I think you can short just about everything, somewhere between now and May we're going to have a real rollover. Think about this progression. In October the bond market topped out. In November the Dollar bottomed. In December Gold and Silver and the utilities average, go figure that one, topped out. In January the CRB Index of commodities topped out. The US stock market is the last domino holding up. The best trade on the board, the one I've been bullish on for the past six months has been the US Dollar....."

For more watch the full interview below or find it through Bloomberg Video.
Deflation Wave vs. Printing Press

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