Israel Raid of Flotilla Off Gaza Coast: Articles, Video Footage Links, Differences [#Flotilla, #Israel, #Gaza]

Links to articles and videos on the Flotilla raid off Gaza.  See my middle east link fest from April, aka beware of geopolitical volatility in the middle east.  You never know if this sh* will escalate into something bigger.  Peace in the middle east people.  I embedded a news video from Reuters and threw up a bunch of links to articles.  It's a lot of noise, but I'm just showing the differences of views.

Ten dead as Israel storms aid ship - Reuters
UN to hold emergency talks after Israeli commandos attack ships, video -
Flotilla Raid Further Frays Turkey-Israel Ties - WSJ
Syria, Lebanon say flotilla attack can lead to war - The Hindu h/t @future_shock
Hariri, Assad jointly condemn Israel's 'heinous crime' - Daily Star 
Arabs furious over deadly Israel raid, demand UN action- AFP
Riots Break Out Over Israel Flotilla - CBS News Video
Israel Navy commandos: Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us - Haaretz
Israeli navy storms Gaza aid ship - BBC Video
Netanyahu "regrets loss of life" (1:28) - Reuters Video
Netanyahu: I regret Gaza flotilla deaths, but Israeli troops had right to self-defense - Haaretz
Israel aid ship attack is terrorism - Hezbollah - Reuters 
Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla sparks international outrage - Guardian
Casualties reported during IDF raid on Gaza sail-
Video: IDF Footage of the Gaza Flotilla Raid - LittleGreenFootball h/t @FPM_Paris
IDF video of Gaza Freedom Flotilla attack - Russia Today Video
Netanyahu: Flotilla raid was self defense - AP
Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet, video - Al Jazeera
Hamas welcomes Israel aid ship action 'condemnation' - BBC Video
One thousand protest against Israel in London - AFP
Deputy UN chief: Gaza flotilla deaths could've been avoided - Haaretz
Israel accused of state terrorism after assault on flotilla carrying Gaza aid - Guardian
Thousands protest across Lebanon against flotilla killings - Daily Star
Israel to UN: Flotilla participants not peace activists - Ynet
Gaza flotilla: the Free Gaza Movement and the IHH - Telegraph
Ayalon: Activists on Gaza sail had weapons - Ynet 
Gaza Flotilla Raid: Israeli State Piracy? - RussiaTV
On-board video of Gaza Freedom Flotilla storm, aid workers & Israeli troops clash - RussiaToday
Iran condems Israel Navy clashes onboard Gaza aid flotilla – State TV - BNO WireUpdate
Ahmadinejad says Israel "inhuman" for flotilla action - Reuters
Press conference excerpts: DM Barak, CoS Ashkenazi, Naval Commander Marom
Seizure of the Gaza flotilla: Press conference with Dep FM Ayalon -

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