Leveraged Loan/High Yield Bond Market Update (Charts, S&P LCD Videos for May)

Here's an update on the leveraged loan and high yield bond market by S&P LCD from their Youtube channel LCDComps. I also follow them on Twitter @LCDNews.  Check out the S&P/LSTA US Leveraged Loan 100 Index chart. After a monster run, the Leveraged Loan Index is testing January 2010 support levels.  There are two indexes, click the links for further explanation. Retail can't trade leveraged bank loans, only banks and financial institutions "over-the-counter", but it doesn't hurt to KNOW how they're being priced.  Retail investors can trade high yield bond ETFs (HYG, JNK et al.). See recent posts on high yield bond ETFs by clicking the labels at the bottom.

Courtesy of Bloomberg.com SPBDLLB:IND

Courtesy of Bloomberg.com SPBDLL:IND

US Leveraged Loan / High Yield Bond Market Analysis (May)

European Leveraged Loan/High Yield Bond Market Analysis (May)

Source:  https://www.lcdcomps.com/lcd/index.html