'Meltup' (National Inflation Association Video), $TIP ETF Chart (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities ETF)

If you're concerned about potential inflation (higher prices) down the road, watch the video below from the National Inflation Association.  Also you know what else is interesting?  The iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund is at all time highs.  TIPS are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities.  See the NIA press release, Meltup video and $TIP chart below.

"May 14, 2010

NIA Announces Release of 'Meltup'

The National Inflation Association is pleased to announce the release of 'Meltup', a new nearly one-hour documentary about how the U.S. economy is at the beginning stages of a currency crisis that will ultimately lead to hyperinflation.

Meltup is now available to watch for free on NIA's video page.

Meltup features Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, and others. The documentary proves through facts and statistics how hyperinflation in the U.S. is now inevitable and how Americans could soon see the end of entitlement programs they have become dependent on to live and survive."

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