Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Klarman Sees Another Lost Decade, The Most Important Distressed Volatility Link Fest Ever (5/22/2010)

Taking over the linking game one "< a href >" at a time...

Australia: door open on changing mining super tax - France24
Added: UPDATE 5-Australia tax threatens $15 bln in projects - Fortescue - Reuters
Mining tax putting Chinese investment 'on hold' - ABC Australia
Investors Fleeing Australia Due to Mining Tax: Fortescue - ABC
Proposed tax regime forces Oz Minerals to shelve Western Copper - Australian
Breaking out the Ginsu 2000 on the LIBOR Curves - Professor Pinch
Libor Shows Strain, Sales Dwindle, Spreads Soar: Credit Markets - Bloomberg
*Arbing Spot And Forward Curve Steepness - Zero Hedge
Nouriel Roubini: Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place - CNBC
Roubini Says U.S. May Face Bond Market ‘Vigilantes’ - Bloomberg
Copper Heads for 6th Weekly Loss on Europe Concern: LME Preview - BusinessWeek
David Einhorn sees inflation on rise, gold as currency - MarketWatch
Greenlight Capital gold offerings attract more than $130 million - MarketWatch
Australia tax would raise prices--Gold Fields CEO - Reuters
Seth Klarman: Baupost may consider returning money to investors - Reuters
Baupost's Klarman sees poor outlook for stocks - Reuters
Legendary Investor (Seth Klarman) Is More Worried Than Ever - WSJ
Highbridge, Fortress, York cutting risk after German move, BaFin - MarketWatch
US Rail Traffic Up Over 2009, Not 2008 - Weekly Railfax Report
Prime loan delinquencies and foreclosures at new high (MBA) - Pragmatic Capitalism
Fitch: U.S. Prime Auto Loan ABS Improve to Pre-Crisis 2007 Levels - EarthTimes
Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian on CNBC Talking Housing and Market
Special report on Water - Economist
Where to Find Safe Muni Bonds - Barron's
Kass: Fear Is the Rational Buyer's Friend -
Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Betting on 1920s Japan-Like Crash - BusinessWeek
Oaktree Capital's Howard Marks Is Cautious - Market Folly
Copper thieves slow French high-speed trains - AP
Gold Priced in Euros Has Gone Parabolic (Charts) - Infectious Greed
Niall Ferguson at Peterson Institute last week, Fiscal Crises - Infectious Greed (Video)
Billionaire Goes All-In on Gold, Tigris Financial/Howard Kaplan - WSJ
Johnson Controls makes surprise Visteon bid - Reuters
Detroit City Council cuts additional $31.8 million from proposed 2011 budget - Freep
Chrysler adds 1,100 jobs at Detroit Jeep plant - AP
EUR Shorts Decline (Slightly), GBP Spec Shorts Hit All Time Record - Zero Hedge
Bank of Spain bails out savings bank - MSNBC
*Bank of Spain seizes control of savings bank CajaSur, needs 500 million Euros - MarketWatch
1-Year CDS for California, Michigan and Illinois Widen - CreditWritedowns (5/14)
‘Nervous’ Wall Street Waits for Congress to Kill Swaps Limit - Bloomberg
Bank of Japan's Shirakawa Sees Europe Turmoil Persisting, Backs ECB Bond Buying - Bloomberg
Economic Policy: 32 States Bankrupt: $37.8 Billion Borrowed From Treasury... - Zero Hedge
US Commercial Property Prices Down 0.5% in March - ResearchRecap
Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending May 14, 2010, Crude Oil Stocks +0.2% -
Dow Theory’s Richard Russell: Get Out Of Stocks Now, Bad Surprise Ahead - BusinessInsider
Mortgage Purchase Applications Plummet While Refinance Applications Increase - MBA
Jim Cramer and Dennis Gartman on Gold - DistressedVolatility
John Paulson and Whitney Tilson on Housing - DistressedVolatility
Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’, 7 of 9 are Losers - Bloomberg