Private Greece Bailout?, Chicago Pensions Lack Assets, Buffett Defends Goldman, Pensioenfonds Vervoer Dumps Goldman, Housing Recovery vs. Tax Credit End

Interesting news for 4/30-5/2/2010

SOME CRACKS IN THE FOUNDATION? (David Rosenberg Market Update) - PragCap
Aust unveils mining tax, cuts company rates - NZHerald
Update: Greece poised to sign rescue deal with EU, IMF - Reuters
Germany sees private sector helping Greece - Reuters
Greece sees rescue deal on Saturday, thousands protest - Reuters
Why SEC Has Strong Case Against Goldman, Part 1 - Suna Reyent
Greece Faces `Unprecedented' Cuts as $159B Rescue Nears - Bloomberg
Buffett strongly defends Goldman; Berkshire net up - Reuters
Chicago Pensions Lack Assets to Ensure Payment, Commission Says - Bloomberg
Faber Says Greece Needs Debt Writedown of as Much as 50% - Bloomberg
Euro Falls Versus Dollar for Fifth Month as Greece's Budget Crisis Spreads - Bloomberg
Paulson Saw Trading Risk At Goldman, Other Brokers in 2007 - Forbes
Housing Recovery Won't Be Derailed by End of U.S. Tax Credit, Agents Say - Bloomberg
FDIC concerned with swaps rules in Democrats' bill - Reuters
Pension fund set aside Goldman Sachs - (translated to English)
Dutch plan dumps Goldman Sachs from €7 billion portfolio - Pensions & Investments
16 Crafar-owned farms receivership sale ($100M) attracting buyer interest in Asia - NZHerald

Video of Greeks protesting Government measures (via Reuters).