S&P Future +2.19% Overnight Testing 200 Day Average, Dollar Index Nervous on Uptrend (ES_M, DX_M Charts, $UUP, $SPY Related)

S&P Future Update:  The June E-mini S&P Future is up 1.91% tonight, testing the 200DMA and downtrend resistance level [it is now up 2.19%].  The $1,050 floor and flash crash low are holding for now.  Tonight's move is a decent reversal from Tuesday when ES was down 2.50%.  There are still plenty of bulls out there, look at my link fest from earlier.  Bulls still need to clear the 200DMA and downtrend resistance level for breakout confirmation.  I put up charts of the E-Mini S&P June Future (ESM10) and Dollar Index June Future (DXM10).  The Dollar is looking nervous at uptrend support, it's still holding but watch for a break.  ES gave back some gains, up 1.98%.....  Looks like fresh green volatility.

E-mini S&P Future (Snapshots from OptionsXpress)
June Dollar Future DXM10