Einhorn Shorts Moody's, Rosenberg Sees 30% Decline, Gold Update (XAU/USD, 5/26/2010)

This link fest is almost as important as my previous link fest, a re-test of the highs of importantness if you will. I'm also watching gold and provided a look at the gold spot chart priced in US Dollars (XAU/USD) below. It broke out on the hourly chart, we'll see if it hits 1,230 again. Also take a look at the live US National Debt clock embedded below courtesy of zFacts.

David Einhorn gives Moody's the kiss of death, exposes short position - Zero Hedge
Easy Money, Hard Truths, Op-ED By David Einhorn - NY Times
David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff: 30 per cent Correction sounds right - Globe and Mail
China 3-Month PBOC Bill Yield Rises for Second Week - Bloomberg
Sprott: S&P 500 Crash Just Starting as Economy Deteriorates - BusinessWeek
Sprott Prices PHYS Follow-On At $11.25, No Lack Of Demand - Zero Hedge
Paul B. Farrell: Warning: Crash dead ahead. Sell. Get liquid. Now - MarketWatch
More Cities on Brink of Bankruptcy - CNBC
S&P Cuts Ratings On $2.03 Billion More Of CDOs - WSJ
Europe Crisis Chokes Asia-Pacific Loan Market on Concern Exports to Slump - Bloomberg
Greece Debt structuring inevitable, Bill Gross on BloombergTV
Distressed debt cycle is not over (middle market), Pimco - DealBook
Treasury sells Citigroup ($C) shares for $6.2 billion - MarketWatch
Goldman Sachs Seeking to Invest in Company to Buy Failed Banks - BusinessWeek
Goldman Sachs: The sell-off is a buying opportunity - Pragmatic Capitalism (5/24)
UPDATE: XAU/USD (Gold in US Dollars) +0.36% to 1215.35 (11:23pm(e), 5/26)

XAU/USD (courtesy of fxstreet)

Bank of Spain Orders More Reserves on Assets Held for Two Years - BusinessWeek
Buy China Stocks as Tightening Is Overdone, Morgan Stanley's Lou Says - BusinessWeek
Mobius Says He's Been Buying Stocks in BRIC Countries - BloombergTV
Morgan Stanley: Get out of cash and get into Asia/Global Emerging Markets - BusinessInsider
Japan's JFE Holdings (Steel) to buy up stakes in emerging markets - MarketWatch
Barton Biggs Says Stock Market Set to ‘Pop’ in Days - Bloomberg
Gold Price Keeps Pace With National Debt - Forbes
US National Debt Hits $13 Trillion (live debt clock, ABC News)

The Gross National Debt

$1.4-trillion in family debt a peril to Canada’s economy - Globe and Mail
Japan Exports Rise More-Than-Estimated 40.4% on Asia - Bloomberg
Bond Distress Highest Since ’09 as Sales Vanish: Credit Markets - BusinessWeek
North Korea places mortars, rockets facing China - ChinaTimes h/t @pdenlinger
Credit Suisse's Andrew Garthwaite: Here's 5 Reasons To Remain Bullish - Pragmatic Capitalist
GMO's Jeremy Grantham likes timber, emerging markets, blue chips - Reuters