Links for June 8: Goldman Recommends Hedging XLF With Puts

Goldman Sachs recommends hedging XLF with put options, based on CDS - MarketWatch
Bear Options at Record as Wien Says Stocks to Rally (puts cost more than calls) - Bloomberg
ES (s&p e-mini future) vs. EUR/JPY - Zero Hedge
Bernanke Q&A with Sam Donaldson, Unemployment will remain high - Bloomberg
Morgan Stanley shutting 300 branch offices, cutting 1,200 jobs - Zero Hedge
Matolcsy Says Hungary Needs Extra Budget Cuts of 1%-1.5% of GDP - Bloomberg
Apple’s Jobs Unveils IPhone-4 With 100 New Features (video chat, thinner) - Bloomberg Video
Chinese Steelmakers to Cut Output, Baosteel Says - Bloomberg - h/t @chinabizwatch
Chrysler recalls nearly 600,000 vehicles - Reuters