Jim Rogers: Short Stocks, Long Commodities, Might Get Long Euro [CNBC Video, FXE, UUP, UUP:FXE Charts]

June 11, 2010, charts for FXE [Euro ETF], UUP [US Dollar Index ETF], UUP:FXE

TECHNICAL RALLY coming for the Euro? Jim Rogers on CNBC yesterday said he was short stocks, long commodities and thinking about getting long the Euro given the bearish sentiment. If that's the case, do Gold and the Dollar go down from here or is decoupling in the cards. Below are charts (courtesy of stockcharts.com) of FXE, UUP and the ratio plus an embedded video with Jim on CNBC. He thinks you should leave the city and become a farmer. Jim timed the US Dollar trade in December 2009. For recent posts with Jim Rogers in the media click here or the label.

UUP:FXE (US Dollar Bullish ETF/Currency Shares Euro Trust)