Muni Updates, Municipal Bond Yields [Cities, States] [6/13/2010]

Here is a quick muni link fest.  See recent posts on the financial health of Municipalities and municipal bonds (via Distressed Volatility Public Finance).

Obama Presses for Aid to Cities and States - NYT (h/t @gregormacondald)
*Fitch Downgrades Illinois General Obligation Bond Rating to A from A+ - Hedge Analyst
Illinois’ CDS widened by 17 basis points this afternoon, to 283 basis points - Barron's Blog
Buffett Expects ‘Terrible Problem’ for Municipal Debt - BusinessWeek
Investors Looking Past Red Flags in Muni Market - WSJ (h/t creditwritedowns)
Households Bust $1 Trillion Muni Mark - Bond Buyer
Cash-poor NY state may issue IOUs like California - Reuters
Goldman bet $35m against California - Financial Times
Calif. treasurer urges leverage limit for muni CDS - Interactive Investor 6/4
San Francisco Sells $400 Million Build Americas as Spread Grows - BusinessWeek
Controller Chiang - California May Issue IOUs Again If Budget Not Fixed - BusinessWeek
New York Borrows $900 Million as City Gains Favor Over State - BusinessWeek
Foreign Buyers Boost U.S. Muni Assets 19% on Build America Lure - BusinessWeek
‘Investor Resistance’ Boosts Muni Yields to Highest in 4 Weeks - BusinessWeek
Costs could snag moving Detroit police, fire to former casino - Detroit News
Council: Let's talk Detroit budget -- face-to-face - Detroit Free Press
Three American cities on the brink of broke (May 28) - CNN Money
America's 7 junkiest cities - CNN Money