Waste Freight/GDP, Credit Suisse on Gold, BP CDS Spike Again!, Medicare Exchange, US Debt to $19.6 Trillion by 2015, Tom Lee, Abby Cohen Bullish on S&P

Reading for June 9, 2010 with a few updates:

*China Exports Jump 48.5% as Europe Crisis Yet to Bite - Bloomberg
*U.S. senators vow action on China currency bill (2 weeks) - Reuters
*China property price growth continues to soar in May - China Economic Review (ht @asiablues)
*Financial Bill Would Create World Model, Volcker Says - New York Times
Waste on Freight Cars Up Most Since 1994 (+45% in April/May over 2009) - Bloomberg
U.S debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015 (will top $13.6 trillion this year) - Reuters
Risks to Economy Have Risen ‘Significantly' (IMF) - Bloomberg
Greek Default Seen by Almost 75% in Poll Doubtful About Trichet - Bloomberg
The Gulf Coast oil spill's Dr. Doom (Matt Simmons) - Fortune
BP, Anadarko, Transocean CDS costs surge - Markit - Reuters 
Largest US Medicare Exchange Crosses Threshold (Extend Health Exchange) - InsuranceNewsNet
Credit Suisse Sees Gold at $1,360 - Zero Hedge
John Taylor (FX Concepts) On A Schizophrenic Europe - A Must Read - Zero Hedge
UBS Messes With Client, Literally Gets A Bull’s Horns - Deal Breaker
ECB's Weber: High public debt could lead to higher rates - Reuters
Hedge Fund sues Goldman over Timberwolf CDO deal - Reuters
Economy improving modestly: Fed's Beige Book - Reuters
BP shares slammed as Gulf oil spill probed - Reuters
Next bubble may be corporate bonds.. or stocks, S&P to 1,300 (JP Morgan's Tom Lee) - Reuters
JPMorgan Chase's Lee: Stocks near bottom (sees summer rally) - Reuters
Goldman's Abby Cohen: S&P to 1300, Gold +17% from here, likes industrial commods - Reuters