State of Emergency in Jalal-Abad #Kyrgyzstan [Videos, Articles]

Up early this morning and saw there were ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan (Dzhalal-Abadskaya). Remember the revolution in Kyrgyzstan not too long ago?
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This is what's going on today:
Kyrgyzstan declares state of emergency in Jalal-Abad oblast amid deadly clashes - BNO
More than 100 killed as Kyrgyz police are ordered to shoot to kill - NYT
Kyrgyz ethnic riots spread, 84 killed - Montreal Gazette
US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan calls for restoration of order amid deadly clashes - WireUpdate
Provokers spread rumors in Zhalal-Abad (Kyrgyzstan) -
Mobs burn villages, slaughter Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan - Associated Press
Kyrgyz Rioting Spreads in Apparent Ethnic Violence - NYT
Deadly ethnic unrest escalates in southern Kyrgyzstan - BBC News
Videos from RussiaToday and ITN

UPDATE: RT: @RT_com: 97 dead, over 1200 injured in Kyrgyz clashes, neighboring Uzbekistan opens border for refugees [video: Homemade cut-throat weapon used in Kyrgyz clashes,] #Kyrgyzstan