Top Soros Fund Holdings for 3/31: GLD, NG (NovaGold), PBR (Petroleo Brasileiro), DTV (DirecTV), SU (Suncor Energy) [Table]

This post is backward looking. I'm reviewing some of Soros Fund Management's holdings (hedge fund run by George Soros) reported on March 31, 2010. I'm doing this after posting George Soros's speech in Vienna on June 10 (Act II of drama speech). I didn't plan on doing this, it just had to be done. You can find better analysis at GuruFocus or Remember, it's been more than 2 months since these holdings were reported, so all of these positions could've been dumped for all I know. Below is a table of Soros's top holdings greater than $100 million.

Soros's top holding was $GLD (Gold SPDR) at $675MM, but he dumped 10% of it. Remember in December I reported that Soros owned a sh*t ton of GLD?  The QUESTION now is, did Soros dump more GLD in April, May and June? He did say gold was the ultimate asset bubble, but he could be riding this trend until the end.  The trend hasn't broken down just yet so watch it. Soros boosted his position in Petroleo Brasileiro by 17%, upped Suncor by 22%, dumped 16% of Hess, added 27% to DirecTV, dumped 17% of Monsanto, boosted Verizon by 16% and sized up on NovaGold +435%, and more. Wow, DirecTV is flying.  These positions could be hedged in size or even net short by using CDS (credit default swaps) or short sales that are unreported.  You can find institutional holdings / quarterly 13F Filing updates at