30-Year Treasury Bond, TLT Watch, Bond Vigilantes Here Yet? (+IEF, 10Y-Note Charts)

If you're not already watching Treasuries, keep an eye on the 10-Year Note, 30-Year Treasury Bond, $TLT (20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF) and $IEF (7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF) as they are all testing near term support levels. Look at the 30-year Treasury and TLT specifically as they are most at risk of breakdown here. Something to be aware of just in case the bond vigilantes are preparing something. There's still deflation risk in the air though, so if that's the case we'll see if the long bond gets invited to the bid. Any current or future bond vigilantes reading this? Take a look at the charts of $USB, $UST, IEF and TLT below. I'm also looking at a ratio, I'll post the chart tomorrow.

30-Year Treasury Bond Price ($USB) - StockCharts.com
30 Year Treasury Bond Price

TLT (iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (Lehman)

10-Year US Treasury Note Price ($UST) - StockCharts.com
10 Year Treasury Note Price

IEF (iShares Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund) - StockCharts.com

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