Dick Bove: Citigroup Headed Toward $8.50 (Down 93% From 2007 Peak)

Here is Dick Bove of Rochdale Securities conversing with Harry Rady of RAM on Citigroup (on CNBC). Bove thinks Citi will trade at $8.50, 117% above today's close ($3.90). Citi's been making some moves recently, here are recent articles and a quarterly chart since '87.  In 2009 Citi hit the 1990 low, down 93% from the 2007 peak.

Citi Sells $3.2B Auto-Loans To Santander - emii.com
Citigroup Sells Private Equity Unit: Report - ABC/Reuters
Citigroup Sells to CIBC Big MasterCard Asset - WSJ
Treasury sells another 1.1 billion Citigroup shares - Market Watch
(Gov still owns about 17.5%)
Soros sold the majority of his Citigroup take during Q1 - Euronews.net, video

$C (Citigroup) Over 23 Years -93% from peak!
Courtesy of FreeStockCharts.com

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