Goldman FCIC Hearing: Watch Gary Cohn Explain What Happened

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission had two hearings regarding Goldman Sachs and AIG's use of over the counter securities and derivatives (credit default swaps) that led up to the financial crisis. Click the links for the CSPAN video (update 8/4/2013, the links might be broken now, but I embedded the Gary Cohn vid again).

Day 1 on 6/30/2010 included: Joseph J. Cassano (Former Chief Executive Officer of AIG Financial Products), Robert E. Lewis (Senior VP and Chief Risk Officer of AIG), Martin J. Sullivan (Former Chief Executive Officer of AIG), Craig Broderick (Managing Director, Head of Credit, Market and Operational Risk of Goldman Sachs) and Gary D. Cohn (President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs).

Day 2 today (7/1) consisted of Steven J. Bensinger (Former Executive VP and CFO of AIG), Andrew Forster (Former Senior VP and CFO of AIG), Elias F. Habayeb (Former Senior VP and CFO of AIG), David Lehman (Managing Director of Goldman Sachs) and David Viniar (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Goldman Sachs).

Watch the session with Gary Cohn and Craig Broderick, it's informative