James Altucher vs. Roubini and Prechter, S&P 1,500 or Dow 1,000? WTF!

Watch James Altucher and Professor Nouriel Roubini battle it out on CNBC. Altucher sees 1,500 on the S&P with S&P EPS hitting $80 in 2010. By the way, Barton Biggs just slashed his 2010 EPS estimate to $70-75 and liquidated US stocks aggressively, at least that's what he said. Backing out cash, Altucher said stocks are trading at 11x earnings, below the historical average of 15, so he wants the S&P to fill that gap. Doesn't 80 x 15 = 1,200? The S&P already hit that level in April. Nouriel disagrees with James, he thinks the market is overpricing Q2 growth. Roubini sees 1.5% GDP growth vs. the 3% consensus estimate in the second half of the year. More estimates: Doug Kass sees $90 on the S&P in 2011 with 2%+ growth in the second half and Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave thinks the Dow will hit $1,000 over 5-6 years. Yes $1,000. Who to believe, who to believe.... Video courtesy of CNBC.com.