Mark Zuckerberg Interview With Diane Sawyer (ABC Video, 7/21)

A new movie about Facebook is coming out called "The Social Network", I embedded the trailer in a previous post. Diane Sawyer on ABC on July 21 interviewed Facebook's CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg. She spoke with him about Facebook hitting 500 million members (third largest country in the world), plans to go public, the recent contract dispute with Paul Ceglia claiming he owns 84% of Facebook (which Zuckerberg calls BS), the new movie which he calls "fiction" and reflections on Harvard. He also answers viewer questions. Dude is on top of the world at 26. Below is a 6 minute interview clip and links to more footage from the interview.

Facebook Hits 500 Million Members - ABC video clip Zuckerberg on "The Social Network" movie - ABC video clip No contract was signed - ABC video clip Zuckerberg on a Facebook "dislike" button - ABC video clip Zuckerberg looks back, reflects on Harvard - ABC video clip Answers viewer questions, service will always be free - ABC video clip Facebook office tour - ABC video clip