Biggs Sold His Stocks, Inventory Cycle Over -Goldman, Prechter vs. Acampora, Krugman vs. Paulson, Pending Home Sales -30% (May) - Distressed Volatility Link Fest

Barton Biggs sells stocks aggressively on concern "soft patch to worsen" - Bloomberg
(*read post from 5/10: Nothing Fazes Barton Biggs, Next Move in US Market is Up 15-20% Led By Tech, Sees Lower Euro)
Krugman or Paulson: Who You Gonna Bet On? - BusinessWeek
Beijing's new home sales -44% in first half - Bloomberg
Pending home sales plunge record 30 percent - Reuters
Manufacturing slips in June, but key ISM report still shows sector growth - SmartTrend Video
Lunch with David Rosenberg July 2 - Zero Hedge
Gross, Rosenberg Say Employment Growth an Illusion: Tom Keene - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs: "The Second Half Slowdown Has Begun" (inventory cycle over)- Zero Hedge (7/3)
A Market Forecast That Says ‘Take Cover’ [Prechter vs. Acampora] - New York Times (7/2)
Bill Gross: Bonds are priced for depression (CNBC Video)- Pragmatic Capitalism
Credit Suisse still bullish, sees 1,270 on S&P - Pragmatic Capitalism
RBS: On "cliff edge", sees 2% on 10-year yield - Pragmatic Capitalism
Bill Fleckenstein: Market could easily trade at 10x earnings, can't trust P/E multiples - Zero Hedge