REIS Vacancy Rates, Kass (Bottom's In), UBS Cuts S&P Target to 1,150 from 1,350, Overnight Gold Chart

Below are interesting articles and the Fast Money video from tonight featuring Doug Kass vs. Brian Kelly (of Kanundrum Capital see Seeking Alpha articles). Kass thinks the market bottom's in for the year while Guy Adami still thinks the market is headed "significantly" lower, with 1040 as bogey level. Dow $1,000 anyone? I'm watching GLD and SLV here, they are both at serious inflection points (ceiling resistance/uptrend support are meeting). They held the 2008 uptrend today, we'll see about tomorrow. Overnight, GCQ10 (Aug Comex Gold) is testing the downtrend line from 6/28-7/1 peaks. Links, chart and CNBC video are after the jump.

Screen shot 2010-07-08 at 1.52.51 AM
GC_Q /Aug Gold on Comex

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UBS's Golub Cuts Year-End S&P 500 Forecast to 1,150 From 1,350 - Bloomberg
(2010/2011 EPS $84/$91 from $87/$87)
Jim Rogers: Sell bonds, buy silver, rice, sugar (precious metals/agriculture) - Bloomberg
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