Gregor Macdonald: We're in a Debt Deflation Depression, Nominal-to-Real Values Widening (MacroTwits Video)

Macro-economist, energy analyst, investor, Gregor Macdonald (@gregormacdonald on twitter), who writes about energy and economics at (w/ premium newsletter), and runs the MacroTwits Hour on StockTwits TV (Sunday/9pm eastern) had an interesting show last night. I embedded the video below. Here are a few topics he covered:

  • Fake Pound coins in circulation, Gresham's Law (bad money drives out good)
  • Treasury bond prices haven't broken their 2008 highs yet, how will they react to QE2?
  • We're in a "debt deflation depression" not recession; we're not in a 1930s style depression yet
  • Fed printing money vs. debt deflation and money velocity
  • Post-war economics and contemporary economists
  • Deflation in "real" vs. "nominal" terms, spread widening between nominal and real values
  • Potential end game for Japan and the Yen (JPY)
  • Downward revisions to GDP

Gregor Macdonald was also on the Max Keiser Report a few weeks ago talking about oil data of concern, specifically, US Energy Expenditures as a percentage of GDP and Global Crude Oil Supply. Check it out.